[TUT]How to make an application

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[TUT]How to make an application

Post  Shiny on Sun Nov 29, 2009 2:31 pm

Real Name: Dog

Age: 18 [We're hope for someone who's 18 above. If you feel your mature enough apply but you're application will not be as favoured].

Player Name(s): Dog/Cat

Timezone/Country: -8Gmt/Bangalah desh

Past experience: Well, i've worked at 3 servers before I have been playing GMS since about 2005 and have a very good knowledge base on pretty much both alliance and horde.

Why you left from others/Why i want join this server?: I felt it was time i moved on/owner has already gone for a long time due to donations or w/e. The server i had been in EtcMS good but was not challenging enough so i decided to move to a better one and wish i could play a part for this server too(i'll try my best).

Programming Knowledge: I dont/do know about programming but i think i have some skills/noskills[This will not effect your application at all.

Daily Online Time: 3 -6 hours [This is a best timing i can help for the server and also i'll try my best to online longer and help out the server more if i'm recuited .)

What is your depth of knowledge?: I've played it for quite sometime now. I'll be honest, i don't/i think i can really answer this question.

What can you bring to the team?: Well, im a dedicated player. I like helping out people, don't know what else to say. - Don't lie. If i find out that you've said this just to become a GM i shall surely take pleasure in banning you Smile.

Anything else you'd like to say: [Try talk about your self and introduce about hows your life , your hobby etc.)


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